Our Story

A little about who we are


Olena “Lena” and Bogdan “Dan” born in Ukraine with Russian heritage.

A former prosecutor in the Ukraine Court, at the young age off 33 Olena was offered her Judgeship.

Due to circumstances beyond her control Lena came to Australia in 2013 as a single mother with her newborn little girl Elizabeth during a very turbulent time in Ukraine.  She worked hard to not only learn English but to build a life for her and her daughter in a new country.

Dan joined his mum in 2018 after been cared for by his grandparents in the post 2014 in the Ukraine Russian occupied Donbas area.

In 2023 Lena and Dan started Saltie Dog Coffee & Crepes. Combining a love for food and coffee with many recipes handed down from Lena’s mother and grandmother. They now hope that they can share this history and culture with you 🙂